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Frequently Asked Questions - Purchasing

Ignite Speed Networking is licensed for use per event. You may purchase all licenses online at www.IgniteSpeedNetworking.com.

There are three types of licenses:

  1. Standard Ignite

    $600 per event

    Expected attendee cost = $4 - $10

    This is the standard version of Ignite Speed Networking. It will be the best candidate for the majority of events. It features an unlimited number of attendee registrations and one registration point.

  2. Small Group Ignite (Coming in 2009)

    $400 per event

    Expected attendee cost = $8 - $20

    This version of Ignite is intended for smaller groups that are expecting no more than 50 attendees at a particular event. The software will not allow more than 50 people to be pre-registered. There is an overflow allowance of up to 5 people during walk-up registration (for a total possible maximum of 55 attendees).

  3. Fast Reg Ignite (Coming in 2009)

    $900 per event

    Expected attendee cost = $3 - $9

    If your event requires faster registration due to an expected large turnout and/or a short period of time allowed for registration, Fast Reg might be the right version to license. It is identical to Standard Ignite with the added bonus of allowing multiple registration points (computers) to communicate over a network and register people for the same event. An expected registration time using Standard Ignite for 250 people might be 30-40 minutes – this could be cut down to 8-10 minutes if 4 registration points are used.


Ignite empowers the sparks of business contacts.

" It provides a fun, relaxed, and truly effective way of meeting the most people in the short amount of time. "

Becky Partipilo

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