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*Ignite Speed Networking®

Ignite Speed Networking®


Let's look at a typical scenario for planning and facilitating a great Ignite Speed Networking event...

Debra experienced first-hand the success and excitement of an Ignite event at a conference and wants to run one for her local organization. Most steps are the same as any normal networking event. The steps specific to Ignite are highlighted.


Debra decides to run her networking event as a breakfast on the morning of June 11th. She books a large conference room for the occassion at a hotel that she has partnered with before. She also books a speaker to talk at the top of the event for 15 minutes to discuss effective networking and marketing techniques.

In order to create buzz and a theme around the event, she names it "Summer Breakfast Ignite" and puts a teaser in the next newsletter.

Invitation and Pricing

To pay for breakfast, the conference room, and facilitation Debra sets a registration fee for the event at $20 for pre-registration and $25 at the door. (They normally charged $13/$17 for previous events.) Using a template provided on IgniteSpeedNetworking.com, she customizes an invitation email and sends it out to the entire membership, specifying a registration deadline of June 6th.

Ignite Software

June 2nd - Debra downloads and installs the Ignite SpeedNetworking® software on her laptop. She also purchases a standard Ignite event license.

This is her first Ignite event, so to make things easy she orders table number signs and sand-timers from the Ignite website also.


June 7th - Seventy people have pre-registered and pre-paid for the event. Based on that number and walk-up attendance at their other events, she estimates that there will be about 90 people participating.

Ignite Event Setup

Based on the expected attendance of 90, she takes Ignite's recommendation of 8 chairs per table, and plans on 12 tables. To give everyone enough time to network quickly in groups of 8, she plans on allowing 10 minutes per round with 2 minutes between rounds. This will allow for 6 rounds (about 1 hour and 15 minutes) during the event. The event is setup in the software, specifying the following information:

  • Event Name: Summer Breakfast Ignite
  • Event Date: June 11
  • Number of Expected Attendees: 90
  • Number of Tables: 12
  • Number of Rounds: 6

Finally she runs the seating chart calculation in Ignite.

Registrations and Seating Charts

The list of pre-registrations are loaded into Ignite.

Room Setup

On the day of the event, Debra arrives early to make sure the facilities are in order. She puts number cards and sand timers on each table and sets up a registration table with her laptop.

She also brings her label printer and backup labels for printing out the seating charts for each registrant.

Event Registration

In addition to coordinating name-tags and payment for walk-up registrants, one person handles registration into the Ignite software. After they get their nametags, attendees get their Ignite seating chart card which specifies which table they will be sitting at for each round.

More people than expected show up: 98. The software handles this with no problems.

Welcome & Introduction

Once everyone is seated at their first table, Debra does the normal welcome speech along with announcements. The guest speaker also talks for about 15 minutes, priming everyone on great networking techniques.

The Ignite speed networking process is explained.


Debra rings the bell to begin the first round. After 10 minutes, she rings the bell again and everyone moves to their next table. This continues for 6 rounds.


An Ignite event report is generated specifying who was sitting at which table for every round. Using a template provided on the website, Debra sends out a follow-up email to all of the participants attaching the Ignite report and requesting feedback.

Budget Wrapup

Expenses - $1,900
Conference room - $300
Breakfast - $900 ($10/person)
Software - $600
Miscellaneous - $100

Revenue - $2,100
70 pre-registrations - $1,400
28 walk-up registrations - $700

Profit - $200

With only 90 additional minutes of planning and a few extra props, Debra has produced one of the most exciting and useful events all year for her membership!

To top it all off, her event didn't cost anything but actually brought a profit! Next time she's considering bringing in a sponsor or two that would definitely be willing to invest $200-$400 to get in front of such an eager audience.


Ignite empowers the sparks of business contacts.

" ...a unique way to meet our goals....Would gladly do it again. "

Claudia Lucey

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