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*Ignite Speed Networking®

Ignite Speed Networking®


Facilitating an Ignite Speed Networking event is easy! There are just a few standard procedures you will need to follow...

  1. Initiate a new event in the Ignite software. Enter the following information:
    • Expected number of participants
    • Number of tables
    • Number of networking rounds
    • Pre-registrations
  2. If you have pre-registrations, provide pre-reg number on nametags or other material.
  3. At the event, put out table numbers and sand timers on each table. Make sure you have a bell to ring and a watch to track time.
  4. Begin registration process - enter pre-reg number or type in data. Give each participant his or her seating chart card.
    [Note: you can do pre-registration only by printing out the seating chart cards before the event and skip this step.]
  5. After everyone is at their first table, give everyone a refresher on how the process will work.
  6. Ring the bell to start the first round. Keep track of time for the round on a watch.
  7. After the first round is over, ring the bell. Everyone moves to their next table.
  8. Continue running all rounds the same way until the event is over.
  9. Thank everyone for coming. Be sure to send out the seating chart report to anyone that wants it.

Congratulations! You've just facilitated the most advanced structured networking program on the planet!

For some additional hints and suggestions, go to the hints and tips page.


Ignite empowers the sparks of business contacts.

"It was a great event! I look forward to attending more."

Francesca Palmer, CIR

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Follow @IgniteSN
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