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*Ignite Speed Networking®

Ignite Speed Networking®

Hints & Tips


How many tables? How many seats per table?

Use the Ignite table chart to determine how many seats to put at each table. From there you can easily determine the number of tables needed at the event.

Schedule a Speaker

Book a speaker to give a session on networking techniques during the first 15 minutes of your event. Expanding your event to be more than just networking will really add to the overall value of participants.

How many networking rounds?

After figuring out how many seats are at each table, assume one minute per seat + an extra minute or two per round. After accounting for 1-2 minutes between rounds (depending on space in the room), determine how many rounds you'll be able to have in the planned timeframe. Add an extra round beyond what you expect. It may be handy if people make the decision to stay longer. Even if it is not used, the last round will be reflected in the Ignite Report which may wet their appetite for further events.



Ignite empowers the sparks of business contacts.

"I think it was the best networking session I have ever attended."

Peter J. Goergen
Meyer, Goergen & Marrs, P.C.

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Follow @IgniteSN
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