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*Ignite Speed Networking®

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Frequently Asked Questions - Facilitation

Basic speed networking is a process where networkers meet one-on-one with other networkers in a fast-paced, structured setting. Usually an individual will have the chance to meet 5-15 other people.

Ignite speed networking combines the excitement of basic speed networking with the more effective and comfortable environment of networking in small groups rather than one-on-one. At an Ignite speed networking event, participants meet at tables of 4-10 for comfortable networking sessions that last 5-12 minutes each.

When time is up, everyone moves on to the next, pre-assigned table to meet with a brand new group of people. New opportunities to ignite a business spark are found at each table – duplicates are all but eliminated throughout the process.

At the conclusion of an Ignite speed networking event, participants will have met with 20-50 contacts (maybe more), usually 40-50% of the attendees at the event.


Ignite empowers the sparks of business contacts.

" It is a wonderful way to meet a variety of people from numerous industries... "

Bill Leedom
Claris Financial

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Follow @IgniteSN
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